My Platform (A.C.T.)


Trustees are advocates for public education. They are elected to be the voice of the local voters – a voice for staff, parents and students within the school board and the community at large. Trustees have a responsibility to look out for everyone.

I have been an advocate for accessibility and inclusion my entire life. As someone with a physical disability, I have a unique outlook and personal lived experience that most people don’t have. I want to advocate for those who need support and push for policies and programs that continue to foster an inclusive environment for everyone.

My career and my passion have been working with people from all walks of life and various backgrounds (social, cultural, economic, able-bodied, disabled, etc.). That’s something I want to continue doing as a school trustee – working with staff and students and families – helping them find ways to grow and be successful.


Over the last number of years the public board has made some positive changes in the way they communicate with the public. But there is always room for improvement.

One of the biggest gaps the board and trustees have is that the general public (parents, guardians, and even staff) aren’t always aware of who they can go to with questions or to ask for help.

They’ll call their MPP with questions about busing, concerns about bullying, or even questions about special education programs offered at specific schools. These are all questions and concerns that can be raised and dealt with by the school board – not everyone knows this – we need to do better at communicating this.

Trustees are a link between the community and the board – people need to know where to turn. I want to give you somewhere to turn.


When thinking about the school board, people should remember that a trustee doesn’t have power to do anything on their own.

Like most boards of directors and committees, school boards are governed by consensus. This means all the trustees have to work together to get things approved. They have to work as a team to do their job effectively.

I’ve served on a number of boards and committees–I’ve even chaired a few–I know what it means to work with others and find common ground for the better. I know what it takes to build a strong team; to work on a strong team and to get results.

I won’t promise you what I can’t deliver. But what I will promise you is:

I am ready to work on a team bringing concerns, ideas and solutions to the table that will help our public board – our staff, parents and most importantly, our students.

Why Trustees Need (to) ACT

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