Make a Donation

Raising money shouldn’t be an issue during elections with all the important subjects that should be covered. But the reality is that it costs money for candidates to get our messages out. So, with that in mind (and if you have the means), any donations are welcome and very much appreciated.

Who Can and Can’t Donate

Only individuals who normally reside in Ontario are allowed to contribute to municipal and school board campaigns.

While businesses are not eligible to make contributions, business owners may make an individual contribution from their personal funds (as long as they are a resident of Ontario).

Groups such as clubs, associations or ratepayer’s groups are not eligible to make contributions. However, members of these groups may make individual contributions from their personal funds (as long as they are residents of Ontario).

Donation Limits

  • There is a $1,200 limit that applies to each person who contributes to an individual campaign.
  • The maximum total amount that a donor can give to candidates in the same jurisdiction (i.e. running for the same council or the same school board) is $5,000.
  • Only a contribution that is $25 or less can be made in cash.

All contributions above $25 must be made by cheque.

Contributions to municipal and school board campaigns in the City of Kitchener are not income tax-deductible.

If you wish to donate to my campaign, please fill out the form below and I’ll reach out to you!