For those who don’t know me, my name is David Kuhn.

I’m 30 years old and I was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy, a non-progressive disability that, for me, mostly affects movement. Living with a physical disability, I have dealt the challenges of navigating our education system from that perspective.

Growing up, I had to advocate for and prove myself as someone who uses a wheelchair and a walker – I’ve never let my disability stop me.

I’m a Conestoga College graduate and I have a diploma (with Distinction) in Public Administration. Currently I am a self-employed consultant; I also serve as Board Chair of a local non-profit agency and registered charity primarily for adults with physical disabilities.

I have also served on a number of committees and groups, including with the City of Kitchener and Region of Waterloo as co-chair of the Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee; and the Waterloo Region District School Board as a member of the Accessibility Planning Committee.

Until the recent provincial election I worked for a former Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) as a Constituency Assistant. In our Kitchener office, I helped people address concerns and issues with education, healthcare, social assistance and other government services.

My whole career, both professional and as a local volunteer, has been spent working with people to solve problems; to advocate, to help them navigate the system, and to hopefully make life a little easier for them and their families.

I’ve lived in Kitchener my entire life and I am proud to have attended public school here – starting at Glencairn Public School, Laurentian Senior Public School, and lastly high school at Cameron Heights.

This is my second election standing as a candidate for Public School Trustee – one of the reasons why I’m running again is because I want to make sure that the positive experiences I had going to school are the same for students today; also to make sure that the concerns of parents, teachers and students are heard. You can read more about that in my platform.

School trustees are stewards of our local education system. I want to be an advocate for all students and their families – especially those living with disabilities and other exceptionalities – to ensure all of our students in the region are supported and included, and so that they can succeed.

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