A thought about election promises as Advance Polls open today

As a candidate, my goal is to be open and honest and to help people how I am able.

This election has been quite interesting in that we’ve had regional council candidates talking about city issues that they don’t control; we’ve had city council candidates talking about regional issues that they don’t control and we’ve had school trustee candidates doing the same – people from all these groups acting as if and saying, ‘If you elect me, I’ll tackle this issue [that I’d have absolutely no say in] and fix it.”

This bothers me as a candidate when it reinforces a falsehood that I then have to address and refute if people ask me about it. It also means that if I don’t get the opportunity to talk to someone and correct the falsehood… it may count against me (for not addressing an issue that I don’t actually have any say in).

Elections are hard. And it’s hard not to make promises when you’re staring back at someone who is really concerned about an issue. I don’t expect people not to promise things in an election. But I do expect candidates to know what is actually within their power and sphere of influence should they get elected. And I expect them to be honest with the voters about it – I hope you expect it too!