The feelings and thanks of a new school year

It’s the first day back for public school students across Waterloo region. Welcome back everyone! I hope the new school year gets off to a great start.

Thinking not so long ago to my own first days back at Glencairn, Laurentian and Cameron Heights at the start of a new school year I look at them differently now.

For some students the end of summer vacation isn’t always looked at so fondly (I can’t say I was never one of those, honestly). Others are thrilled to see friends they haven’t seen in months or excited to start something new and different.

To parents sending their kids off for the first time – They’ll miss you and that’s OK.

To parents rejoicing that a new school year is upon us – You’ll still miss them and that’s OK (even if you can’t admit it just yet!).

I remember missing summer vacation and being happy to see friends. I also remember being excited that I was one year closer to grade 6, grade 9 and grade 12 – all milestones that I was proud of and that meant something to me.

But one thing I didn’t really think of as a student was of all the detail that went into the first day of school.

I didn’t consider the custodians, the office and other administrative support staff, the educational assistants and teachers – many of whom were already working for weeks preparing not only for the first day but for the term or semester.

It’s easy to think of the summer ending and be excited for new beginnings and miss our kids. But today, with all the feelings that the first day of school brings, I hope we also think of the people who make first days happen and say thanks.

Thanks to all of you!

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