Trustees could have asked Ford government for direction sooner

Waterloo Region District School Board Trustees waited too long in taking a position and seeking direction on the health and physical education curriculum.

As soon as the government said they were rolling back to 1998, our local public board could have responded with, “Our staff need direction, and they need it sooner rather than later, because the new school year is just around the corner.”

Trustees did the right thing in voicing support for the current (2015) curriculum in the absence direction from the government, but without going as far as telling teachers and staff what to teach. That’s not the role of trustees – that’s up to the Minister of Education.

Monday’s board meeting highlighted many gaps such as online safety, texting, cyber-bullying and social issues not addressed in 1998. The province hasn’t been clear on addressing these gaps.

The issue the board has is a lack of direction from the province on how to use the old curriculum in a modern world while the government decides on a new one that they approve of.

In my mind, that direction should have been given by now. But I think trustees could have asked for it sooner.